Cary Blood

Obituary of Cary Blood

"Cary Lynn Blood, 53, passed away Tuesday, March 28, in Orange County Regional Medical Center in Middletown following complications after surgery.

He leaves behind his wife of 28 years, Nicole; his sons, Jeremy, Michael, and Daniel; and many close friends and family members who mourn his passing.

Born in Ogden, Utah and raised in Kaysville, he was later a resident of Harriman, New York.

Cary grew up in Utah with his loving parents and siblings. He worked on farms and in the many homes and workplaces of his friends and family members.

He received his schooling instate, attending Davis High School and later Weber State. He then was admitted to West Point Military Academy from which he graduated with high marks in the class of 1989. He held great pride in this achievement and in the nation of the United States.

He met his wife, Nicole, through a mutual college friend and they married in May 26, 1989 in the West Point Cathedral in full military style.

As part of the United States Army, Cary was deployed in Operation Desert Storm where he received two Bronze Stars for his efforts. He was later restationed in Germany where he and his wife lived for three years.

Due to the birth of their first son, they returned to the U.S. where the couple decided to start raising a family. They settled in Mount Hope, NY and after three years they had another son, Michael. Two years after his birth, they had a third son, Daniel.

Cary was an easy man to get along with and could boast of his dozens of friends all across the world. A well-traveled and cultured man with his equally adept wife, he taught his sons to learn about and appreciate the culture of others. He spoke fluently five languages and understood many more. His appreciation for language and how it allowed people to connect was a magnificent quality precious few have.

A prolific storyteller, Cary instilled in his sons a love of telling tales, a skill they all use and cherish to this day. Cary always wished to write great novels and be celebrated for his work. But, despite his tremendous ideas and ambition, he will sadly not receive the chance. His sons and wife however, will carry on his love of stories and the many tales that he spun for them for the rest of their lives.

Cary had an intense love of animals, particularly dogs, and kept at least one in his house during all periods of his life. His love of animals and his constant teachings of never letting anything go to waste are values deeply help by his family.

Also an avid painter, Cary kept large collections of painstakingly painted miniature figurines with which he played many tabletop war games with friends, his wife, and later with his sons. His sons maintain his love of playing these games and they will now play in memory of the man who taught them to do so.

His devotion to his family and the love he held for his wife and sons will remain with them for all time. His easy manner and great kindness will be celebrated at every gathering. His infectious laugh and love of camaraderie will surely be carried by all that met him. He was the type of man that one could not help but remember.

His love, kindness, and intelligence were gifts many only ever see one of. He was a remarkable man and was truly brilliant, gifts which all of his sons have. His memory will be a glorious one of a devoted father and husband and quietly genius person who the world will regrettably not receive the privilege of knowing.

There will be a memorial vigil held at Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc., located at 139 Stage Road, Monroe, NY 10950 on April 8th during the hours of 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Interment will Military Honors will follow at Orange County Veterans Cemetery located at 111 Craigville Road, Goshen, NY 10924.

Funeral and cremation arrangements have been entrusted to Thomas F. Flynn and the staff of Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc. For directions to the funeral home, Orange County Veterans Cemetery or to offer an on line memorial please visit