My beloved husband passed three years ago, on March 2nd, 2014. Tommy Flynn and his staff treated my husband's body with such respect and dignity. It was a late Sunday when they came to my house to pick up his body. They came in and hugged and offered their condolences to both me and all our family. My daughter's were devastated to lose their Superman. Tommy talked to them in such a way that on that terrible night he gave us strength and comfort. He never rushed to remove the body from our home. He patiently waited for all of us to say our farewell. Over the following days he sat with us and gave his undivided attention to us working out the details for the wake,cremation, mass, cemetery and restaurant. Never once did he ask for any money. He made a suggestion to me about going to the crematory - he said I was with him for almost 50 years and took care of him at home until his final day. Why wouldn't you want to go with him as he enters his final journey. I went and was sad, but so happy that my husband wasn't without family. Tommy also took his finger print and I had necklaces made for my daughters and myself. Tommy checked on us weeks after the funeral and still keeps in contact with us. I feel that God sent us an angel "Tommy Flynn". Thank you for all you did to make his life meaningful with such beautiful services.

- MaryAnn Tarnowski 

Dear Tom: 

I realize that this is a bit delayed but, under the circumstances I am certain that you fully understand. On June 2, we embarked upon a journey that we would never have ever imagined we would take. That was the date that we spent the night in the hospital standing numb, shattered, devastated and hysterically crying over the body of our son who had just died. Due to delays at the hospital you were not able to begin “caring” for our son until Monday, June 6th. 2016. 
Well prior to that meeting, we had met with your Dad and yourself in 1989 to bury Jerry’s Dad; then, another meeting in 1990 to bury my Dad; and, then again in 1999 to bury Jerry’s Mom. All of those three meetings were somewhat expected as all three of our parents had been ill and had lived a relatively good and long life. Furthermore, we were able to share the grief with siblings who would assist with making all of the necessary arrangements. 
At that first meeting which we had with you on Monday, June 6, 2016, things were quite different from our meetings in those prior years. We were all alone and we were with you to make arrangements to bury our youngest son – a task of un-explainable anguish and heart-break that words cannot describe. Despite all that, there are not sufficient words that we can express to you for the extraordinarily heart-felt, sincere and prayerful manner in which you personally guided and hand-held the two of us through the entire dreadful and mournful process of making the final preparations for our beloved son. All of those attributes, coupled with the gentle manner of you, your son, your brother, and all of your marvelous staff, made the most difficult task of our lives as easy as humanly possible and bearable. You have met your calling and have excelled in what you do!!! You provided comfort and support when so desperately needed. Furthermore, many of our extended family and friends have subsequently commented upon the service that Flynn Funeral provided. Quite a number of them (both Jew and Gentile) expressed that they were in awe and found the manner in which you personally “closed each viewing”, and especially your talk to the family and close friends on the morning that we said our final good-byes to our son prior to the funeral Mass, comforting and inspirational with which we concur wholeheartedly!
You and your staff have our eternal and heart-felt thanks. Sincerely, Jerry and Joe Furey

- Joe F.

We do not know one another, but I was very moved by your post, because our experiences in the loss of our husbands and Thomas Francis Flynn (Tommy)'s compassion and support of us, or family and oversight of every detail of the arrangements that followed the worst days of the lives of myself and my family are similar. A consummate professional, but more importantly, a man of great spirit, consolation and compassion. Thank you, Tommy, for your gift of working through other people's pain every day. Mary Ann, you and your family are in my prayers.

- Irene E. Kurlander  MaryAnn Tarnowski 

Dear Tommy, 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff!! My father passed away at the end of January and from minute one you and your staff have done everything to make this incredibly difficult time much easier! You picked my father up at the hospital as soon as I told you we had signed the release!! You were there for my family the next day and every day after that until we buried my father!! You made the process easy and thought of everything to make the hard loss a little bit nicer and easier!! You made it as easy as possible! From just picking things up from my mom's house to making a beautiful video of our mementoes of my father!! You thought of everything! If that wasn't enough you have been there helping my mother and us get everything taken care of that needs to!! You have helped get paper work in order and have been a shoulder for all of us to lean on to this day!! I just want to say thank you for making one of the hardest and saddest time for my family as easy as you did!! We will never forget the amazing job you and your staff did!! We will also never forget the amazing kindness you have given us all! Thank you for going above and beyond!!

- Danielle Verneau Moran 

I've witnessed your kindness to so many families through the years. Recently, with the loss of my Mother you and your excellent staff and family were ther every step of the process. I don't know that I can ever repay all you did, but my family and I were so proud to have had you there when you were very much needed, God bless you all.

- Claude Brischoux 

Dear Tom:

My entry is to aid those in rather challenging circumstances like mine so they might find some peace of mind in addressing the emotional issue or death. My brother was killed in an auto related accident. Our family was nearly exclusively from out of NY State as I was. Complexities of matters coordinating family’s availability, my earnest desire to adhere to my Catholic faith's guidelines for funerals and controlling expenditures made for a very challenging time as I was handling these matters on my own! I found compassion, wisdom and a "presence" by the staff that filled the shoes of loved ones that could not be beside me and give me guidance. I found solace in speaking with the staff during the planning and as the Holy Mass concluded my brother’s services. As I look back on all that Flynn's did I am at great peace and have no regrets.

- Robb

Tommy and his incredible staff have done funerals for both my parents and my brother, in the last 7 years. If there is such a thing as a rock star of funeral directors, it would be Tommy Flynn. He made our family feel so comfortable with his compassion, love, and kindness. Many friends and family members commented on how they had never seen a wake of a funeral like the ones my parents and brother had. I had never seen one like this before, either. Tommy made all the services into a sacred and holy event, showing amazing respect for both the deceased and the family. It was evident that Tommy is doing what he was meant to do. We will always remember the way that Tommy respectfully treated our family during some very difficult times. I highly recommend Flynn Funeral Home.

- Mike H.

Tommy Flynn is the utmost gentleman. As a younger funeral director, I can only aspire to be half of the caring, compassionate, inspirational man he is. I've never met a person that reached me at such a level as Tommy. All I can say is a true gentleman through and through.

- Matt L.

Tommy and his staff were so incredibly kind and understanding during our darkest days.
My husband's parents died within 102 days of each other. It was incredible blow spiritually, mentally and financially....Tommy and company were compassionate, understanding, and incredibly accommodating. 
We would never wish out circumstance on anyone, but feel fortunate that Tommy was there to ease our pain, and get us through. God bless!

- Veronica B. C.

Tommy and his staff at Flynn FH, Thomas Francis Flynn have always been professional and detail oriented. ..for over the many years of seeing their caring for other families, I knew that when it was time for us to pre-arrange my mom's plans due to her Alzheimers, this was where we turned. As much as I thought I knew about caring, Tommy cared for our mom, as his own mom.
From the first 3am call, to the last handshake, he ensured that Mom was the focus, and that we celebrate her life, and her unconditional love.  He and his incredible staff were comforting, caring, and most of all, we all felt as one family. And we were.
To know that you're not alone, and that everything will be taken care of, is a testament to Tommy's devotion to doing the right thing, always. We can't thank him and the entire staff at Flynn's for everything you did for Mom, and each of us.
Florence Sambets, 4-1-1937- 3-19-2016

- Frank S. 

Tom Flynn and his staff treated our father like one of their family, we are still being told months later by family and friends how profoundly touching and personal they felt dad's service was. To say that they were courteous, reverent and respectful only begins to say how very thoughtful the entire staff was. No funeral is easy , each person's experience is unique , but as a family we can not say enough about our experience, 5 stars does not do justice. When we think of dad's passing our memories will forever be tinged by this experience, it could have not been carried out better anywhere else. We will forever be grateful to Tom and his caring compassionate staff for the send off that showed so much of what our dad was about and held dear. Thanks Tom.

- Helen S. P.

Tom Flynn and his staff have done the funeral services for both my father and my sister. These were two very different circumstances as my sister was killed in an accident at 47, and Tom intrinsically knew how to guide our family through the painstaking funeral planning process for each one. He is truly the most caring, selfless and compassionate person I know and there is no one better suited to help guide you through the most difficult hours life brings. Family and friends have continually remarked that the funeral services were "the most compassionate" they have seen. Tom was there before, during, and after for my family and for that we are forever grateful. I highly recommend Tom and his staff-there is no one else we would go to in trying times.

- Katherine S.

Tommy, Marina and staff were so wonderful in honoring my
Mom. We had so many obstacles throughout the planning and Tommy and his staff went above and beyond to make everything perfect. Their professionalism was superior.

- Linda J. G.

I have never experienced a more professional and compassionate team than at The Flynn Funeral Home.  Thomas Flynn handles every aspect as it was his own family member. 
When I lost my Mom, Thomas and his staff took care of every detail. I was barely able to function, The Flynn staff managed every detail. They memorialized my Mom with the beauty and grace that she deserved and they cared for our family like we were family.
Sadly, recently, I experienced the same level of service and compassion when we laid my best friend to rest.
It is beyond a Blessing to have someone you know you can trust at the most difficult times in your life. Thomas and his group are consummate  professionals with hearts of gold.  I lived in Chester for many years and have only heard wonderful feedback from anyone who has engaged with Flynn Funeral Home. They are consummate professionals. I am so thankful to Thomas Flynn, and his entire team, for helping me and my loved ones navigate the most difficult times in our lives

- MaryEllen B.

My husband passed away in 2012, I can't tell you what a compassionate and caring person Tommy Flynn is, he helped me above and beyond that of a funeral director., He is one of the best people I have had the privilege of meeting. There are no words to express my gratitude,I pray every day that God will smile on Tommy Flynn.

- Holly N.

At one of the worst times of my life, when my father passed away in June 2001, my family turned to Flynn Funeral Homes for their services. I especially remember how well Tommy looked after my mother, making sure she had a seat, or a tissue, o.j. or water whenever she needed. At the other worst time of my life, this past April when my mother herself passed away, our family returned again to the services of Flynn Funeral Home. Mom's funeral and visitation arrangements were respectful, dignified and a comfort to her family. My mother's wishes and our comfort were clearly Flynn's top priority.  Celebrating a life while mourning is challenging and difficult; we are grateful to Tommy Flynn and his professional, courteous and diligent staff for helping us to make that happen for both our parents.

- Deirdre C.

Tommy and his  staff were so wonderful in honoring my
Mom when she passed. We had so many obstacles throughout the planning (nothing to do with Flynns) and Tommy and his staff went above and beyond to make everything perfect. Their professionalism was superior. Over the years Tommy has been there for my family and his service every time has been outstanding!!!!

- Linda G.

My wife chose your business herself, prior to her passing, based on the quality of care you gave to 2 of our very close friends. You made a very difficult time in our lives a little easier, and even gave us some fond memories. Our family was treated with grace and dignity during this difficult time. Each step in the process had a personal touch and was handled with delicate care. The entire staff treated our family as if we were there family. That touch showed in all the arrangements, the personal discussions and the kind words spoken. This is truly a top notch establishment and highly recommend them. 
Thank you Tommy, and your entire staff.

- C M.

Simply the best. Tommy Flynn and staff have provided funeral services for both of my parents as well as my younger brother. Tommy and his staff are compassionate, respectful, caring and professional. By the time the funeral was concluded Tommy had gotten to our family as if it were his own. The kindness he showed our family during our times of sorrow was amazing. I've had friends and other relatives who saw how Tommy carried out the funeral, and they were literally amazed, with several of them saying " I buried a family member recently and it was nothing at all like what this funeral home does." We will always be grateful to Tommy, Jimmy, and the entire staff at Flynn Funeral Home for the compassion and kindness they showed our family on three different occasions. If you have funeral needs for a loved one in your family, do yourself a favor, put your mind at ease, and contact Tommy Flynn. He is truly a special man with a very large and caring heart.

- Mike H.

I am really not the type to write reviews but I wanted to about Flynn's -- I find this hard to believe 5 stars does not give Tom and his entire staff justice the day my brother in law past was one of worst time of my life and Tom made this disaster of a time so much easier  I never met a man like him in my 50 years he is truly in the right business he went above and beyond for my family and a year later still calls us you tell me what funeral parlor does that I can't believe I am actually bragging about a funeral parlor but Tom Flynn there are not enough stars for you God bless you and your family and your top notch staff

- Ing J.

I would like to personally thank Tom Flynn, Marina, Dave, Jimmy and the rest of the staff for honoring my Mom, Angela Lowicki, in such a beautiful way. It was the best send off she could have ever hoped for. The love and care they've shown my family was well beyond the norm. They are all like family to me now. Tom is a man who genuinely cares and he has been my rock and counselor throughout many of my family's services. He's a very prayerful man. His words and actions have been so comforting to me. Thank you Tom.

- Lorraine L. H.

This is truly a family-owned business run by the Flynn Family and their caring staff for almost a century. Love, understanding and attention goes into every detail of their service. They are an icon in Orange County and well-known throughout New York & New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Please don't hesitate to call Tom at Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc., for planned or unexpected end-of-life needs. He and his staff are experts at guiding you and your family through this most difficult time.

- Linda B.

Tommy and his staff have always been professional and detail oriented. ..for over the many years of seeing their caring for other families, I knew that when it was time for us to pre-arrange my mom's plans due to her Alzheimer's, this was where we turned. As much as I thought I knew about caring, Tommy cared for our mom, as his own mom.
From the first 3:00 am call, to the last handshake, he ensured that Mom was the focus, and that we celebrate her life, and her unconditional love. He and his incredible staff were comforting, caring, and most of all, we all felt as one family. And we were.
To know that you're not alone, and that everything will be taken care of, is a testament to Tommy's devotion to doing the right thing, always. We can't thank him, Marina, and the entire staff at Flynn's for everything you did for Mom, and each of us.
Florence Sambets, 4-1-1937- 3-19-2016 ♡

- Frank S.

My family and I want to thank you for making my mom's funeral service's beautiful. Your concern and kindness was felt by everyone. In such a time of sadness you helped ease our pain. Again, thank you Tom and Dave and your very special staff.

The family of Mary Murphy

- Denise M.

Words can't adequately express how the entire Flynn organization honored my late husband. He died suddenly, and Tommy, Marina, and the entire Flynn staff were absolutely wonderful, helping us through that terrible time of heartsick grief. Tommy's memorial was more than I could have ever imagined for my husband. Everyone that attended the ceremony was truly moved. So many of them thought Tommy had been close friends with him for years. THAT is how INVESTED Tommy is in the PEOPLE who come to him when they are in such pain. He takes the time to know that person through the eyes of their loved ones. He takes care of everything with such elegance and kindness -- like a family member. Tommy Flynn was born to do this and I am so thankful for him and the entire Flynn organization. You are all very special people.

- Lynne R. S.

Tom Flynn did such an exceptional and wonderful job at memorializing my grandfather. This establishment is nothing but professional and caring. He really helped my entire family through such a personal and delicate process. Thank you !!

- Danielle M.

Tommy & the Flynn Funeral team are some of the kindest, most compassionate and professional people I know. They helped me & my family through the most difficult time of our lives. I am forever grateful.

- Mary-Ellen B.

Tom is a kind, caring person. The experience I've had with his funeral home has been one of compassion & true sincerity. You don't find this kind of compassion anymore. God bless him.

- Margaret G. G.

Whether you want to plan for future needs or need his service that day . Tom and his staff are the most compassionate and caring in the biz . Highly recommended . The Benz Family.

- Erwin B. B.

Tom Flynn is a class act! Very professional and caring

- Maureen T.

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